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We Deal with:

Detailed Engineering Of All OIL/GAS Industries Equipment. Mechanical Engineering Documents Review And Stamping, As Per Statutory Requirement of APEGA.

Trading of CWB Approved Welding Consumables, Import / Export Trades For Engineering Equipment, Raw Materials And NDT Testing Material.


Why US?

We have more than 15+ years of experience

Global Sourcing

We are top name in the industrial raw materials such as structural steels, flanges, fittings, pipes, plates, valves, finished and semi finished equipment's.

Oil & Gasoline

We Provide engineering services for the Oil and Gas Projects.

Mechanical Design & Drafting

We also handle project raw material import/export, vendor selection, vendor evaluation, mechanical equipment design and drafting, structural detailed design and drafting, construction design and drafting.

Product & Services

We are the best in business!



  • Magna Ink(P-MET)

  • Aluminum Alloy Foundry fluxes (P-MET)

  • Non Destructive Testing Chemicals (P-MET)

  • Solvent Red Dye Penetrant (P-MET)

  • Dye Penetrant Testing Chemicals (P-MET)

  • Dry Developer Powder(P-MET)

  • Exotherm Magnesium Remover(P-MET)

  • Zinc Remover(P-MET)

  • Degresser(P-MET)

  • Dye Check Developer(P-MET)

  • Detection Chemical Systems(P-MET)

  • Multi Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser(P-MET)

  • Crack Detector Developer(P-MET)

  • Machining lubricants and solutions(Lubgraf)

  • Zyglo Penetrant(P-MET)

  • Manufacturing and services of Mechanical and Hydraulic Pusher Centrifuges for Pharma and Chemical industries (Septechnik)



  • 3D Modeling

  • CAD Drafting, paper drawing to CAD conversation

  • FEA Analysis for structure

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Coupled Field Analysis

  • Dry Developer Powder(P-MET)

  • Fatigue Analysis

  • Mechanical Design Calculation for Pressure vessel, Heat exchanger, Column, Storage tank with ASME Sec.VIII Div 1&2

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